Engure marina


Coordinates 57°10' N; 23°14' E
Postal address Marina Engure, Jūras iela 60b, Engure, Engures novads, LV - 3113
Phone +371-29172323 Harbour Master +371 29153554;
E-mail jahtklubs.engure@apollo.lv gikefabo@gmail.com
Website www.jahtklubsengure.lv
VHF Channel Ch. 1
Capacity of Berth 25
Depth on approach 3.0 m
Depth alongside 2 - 4 m
Neighbouring Marinas Ruhnu – 40 MN, Mersrags – 15 NM, Rīga – 30 NM
Public Transport Bus services to Rīga
Directions for approach Follow the Leading Line 270.2° T
The visitors pontoon is on the port side of leading line. There are enough mooring boys for stern to pontoon mooring.
Services Electricity, showers, WC, sauna, laundry in new building. Fuel from petrol station, hotels, restorans, shops for provision and bankomat for cash money nearby. New berth construction works for fishing ships are completed, visitors new pontoons are in place.