Ventspils Jahtklubs


Coordinates 57°24' N; 21°32' E
Postal address Ventspils Jahtklubs, Medņu iela 40, Vetspils, LV-3600
Phone Mob.+371 28311919
VHF Channel Ch. 9
Capacity of Berth 35 boats, 110m berth
Depth on approach 14 m – 6.5 m
Depth alongside 3.6 m
Neighbouring Marinas Pavilosta - 35 NM, Roomassare – 60 MN, Roja – 65 NM
Public Transport Bus services to Liepāja
and Rīga
Directions for approach From Safe water buoy “B “ (57°28.52' N 21°25.91' E ) proceed along the Ventspils Nothern Leading Line 143.7° T up to the entrance of fishing harbour (57°23.7' N 21°32.3' E ), then turn to starboard in this harbour to the berths on the starboard side.
Services Electricity, Fresh water, Fuel from petrol station, WC, Showers, Sauna, Hotels, Shops