Liepājas Jahtu centrs


Coordinates 56°30.7' N; 21°00.7' E
Postal address Liepājas Jahtu Centrs, Jūras iela 12, Liepāja LV-3401
Phone Tel: +371 63483801; Mob.+371 26155882; Mob.+371 26141920;
VHF Channel Ch. 11
Capacity of Berth 35 boats, 150m berth
Depth on approach 3 - 8 m
Depth alongside 4 m – 6.5 m
Neighbouring Marinas Pāvilosta - 30 NM, Ventspils – 35 NM, Klaipeda – 50 NM
Public Transport Bus services to Ventspils, Klaipeda and Rīga
Directions for approach Proceed to the South Gate (56°31.7 N / 20°58.0 E) of the avanport, then follow the Southern Leading Line 112.4° T up to lateral green buoy “11” (56°31.9’ N; 20°58.5’ E), then turn to starboard and follow the channel up to marina berths on the starboard side at the end of channel close to the traffic bridge.
Services Electricity, Fresh water, Fuel from petrol station, WC, Showers, Sauna, Sail repairs (mob.+371 29214568), Hotels, Shops